Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Law report - two sets of costs and judicial review

Kentucky Fried Chicken (Bermuda) Limited v Minister of Economy, Trade & Industry [2013] SC (Bda) 35 Civ

This judgment concerned what happens when an applicant has failed to obtain the relief they were seeking in judicial review proceedings where there is more than one respondent.

Kawaley CJ noted that this was strangely not something which had been raised before in a considered judgment in Bermuda [5].

The general position is that only one set of costs would be awarded as an applicant should not have to pay for duplication of effort. There is an exception when a second respondent has a separate interest on an issue which is not dealt with by the first respondent.

The Chief Justice took the route of allowing costs to both respondents, but only one set of costs for each issue, depending on whether the issue was one properly for the Minister or for the BIU to respond to, so as to avoid duplication of costs [7]-[10].

The Chief Justice indicated that, in future, the proper time to raise the issue of paying two sets of costs is early in the proceedings, in order to allow the parties to focus on who should play an active role in the proceedings [11].

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